Sunday, 26 July 2015

Eisenberg Has Just Been Chosen As One Of The 30 Most Beautiful Places In Austria.

The secrets is finally out that we live in paradise...

Personally, I can't get enough of our little village and its surrounds and even after four years of living here, I still give a silent ( sometimes audible ) thanks to the man above for letting me live here. I can't help it, it is just so wonderful.

When we announced that we were to move to a tiny village in Burgenland and let me tell you, that no one I know had an inkling where or what it was, eyebrows were raised and private comments were uttered. Granted, in Eisenberg we don't have car showrooms, supermarkets, bank(s), shops or fancy restaurants. Good golly me, we don't even have traffic lights and come to think of it the nearest one is about 25 km away!

But as it turns out, we don't need all of these things right under our noses. Should we have the urge to see one or all of the big city sights, we can hop into our car ( or even a bus for that matter, which drives as far as Vienna a few times per day ) and have a few hours of it or until our vat of lights, noise and stress is full. You know, the nicest bit about going to a big town or city once a week, is knowing that we can escape home to Eisenberg and its tranquility.

As the writer for the Kurier found out herself, we live in surroundings that are just too breathtaking. A wine area of such beauty and luckily bounty too, that not much else is desired. Yet our area has cycling routes to even tire out a seasoned cyclist, walking paths to delight any ambler, walker or nordic walking addict not to mention a newly added canoe route.

Walking in and among nature is not only good for the soul but interesting and exciting because often a buck or hare will appear out of the woods. Being able to walk alone ( in Pietermaritzburg it was a bit too dangerous ) and at any time of the day is a treat and I take full advantage of it.

Eisenberg is beautiful in each and every season. Walking most days, I get to witness the changing plumage of trees en route even when they are bare in winter they have a eloquence despite it.

We are a hop and a skip away from Hungary, where nature just carries on being divine. Driving on the other side of our Eisenberg into Hungary is a continuation of picture perfect blue skies and green fields adjacent to the golden rolls of straw that this time of the year brings. The hills framing these spectacular sight are filled to bursting with vines... the Old Masters would have delighted in putting up their easels.

Our village is a wine producing one and going out to the various Buschenschanks is such fun and of course delightful to be able to sample the wine of vintners who are winning awards and are causing the wine glitterati to sit up in a pleasant surprise.

Eisenberg welcomes tourists and there are many nice places to stay, even cozy & romantic Kellerstöckls ( cottages ) in the vineyards. Just this week, there is the added bonus of hiring a fully stocked picnic basket and sitting under a shady tree to do justice to it...

Could life get any better? Eisenberg, one of the 30 most beautiful places in Austria!!!!

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