Friday, 24 July 2015

Ordinary Days Are The Guardians Of Life's Nuggets Of Gold.

Every day becomes a treasure hunt.

We are so intent on going for the wow-factor and the extraordinary in life, that often the best things in life merely pass us by. The key to a happiness isn't found in a bigger house, a fancier car and a stunning wardrobe and somehow I tend to think that so many of us keep on buying more stuff in the hope that one of them has that elusive key to happiness attached to it.

Perhaps it is for some, but on the main the padlock to happiness irritatingly keeps on being locked for most of us. But imagine if all along we have been searching in the wrong place? Oh yes, movies and adverts keep on sending us on a wild goose chase and like blind mice we follow that advice.

I was fortunate enough to be allowed to drive a local villager to our district hospital to see a doctor there. He doesn't own a car and even eschews electricity at home. Yet, driving him anywhere is always a treat because he has great insights and stories of how life, in Eisenberg was back in the day. Daily life was much harder then but from what he tells me, everyone was much happier too.

While I waited for him at the hospital waiting room ( emergency area ) I had the opportunity to sit for a while and see what is often told to us but we never seem to take it in:

Our health is everything. The be - all and end - all!
...and guess what, being healthy doesn't relate to how big your house is! In fact, the bigger your house, the more stress you might actually have! Health has nothing do to with wealth and I think that is a big chunk of gold right there, or rather a big piece of that elusive key.

Bob and I drove through to Güssing later in the afternoon to shop for groceries. We chose Güssing because one of our villagers has moved to the retirement home there. Every now and then I like to pop in for a chat and to tell you the truth, it gives me such pleasure to see her eyes light up, when she sees that I haven't forgotten her.

On the way into the retirement home, there were a few elderly men in wheelchairs parked at the entrance. They were sitting there and looking out at the weather. Even though I just walked passed them, they gave me a cheerful greeting and a few words about the weather. Ordinary stuff.

But, driving back home, it made me realize how precious our lives really are. If you have the glitz and glamour in your life that is fine but if you haven't got it, that is fine too. This insane quest to only be happy once we have more stuff is robbing us of the real essence of life.

Living life each and every day is what it is about and not waiting until you:

  • have met your soulmate
  • got a bigger house
  • have children
  • have lost 10 kg.
  • or have lots of money in the bank.
Seeing these men sitting there and waiting perhaps for a rare visitor to cheer them up, it brought it home to me...they could have been rich, average or poor yet they are all in the same boat now.