Thursday, 9 July 2015

We Have Morphed Into The Twilight Zone.

All that's missing is a grey Volvo parked outside our house...

It was about five years ago that I got first pulled into the beautiful and rainy surrounds of Forks. It took me months to come back down to earth and Pietermaritzburg. I couldn't help it, those awesome books by Stephenie Meyer are just so good that words fail to describe them properly. Oh yes, I am an official Twilight fan.

Twilight Saga 5 Book Set (White Cover)

My niece started to read the first part of the saga when she arrived here ( I have the full set ) and even though I tried my hardest to convey to her how wonderful a book and love story it is, I wasn't too sure if she would feel the same.

I think it was on the second evening, that she suddenly came to me and told me that she had just watched the Twilight movie...and loved it. Good grief, at first I asked the stupid question that only an older ( elderly ) person could ask:

" How did you watch the movie? You didn't go to the cinema. "
Honestly, it still take some getting used to this new streaming generation. Whereas we had to either go to the movies or to a video shop, she just had to do a few clicks and just like Dorothy clicked her red heels together, a movie was waiting on the tablet to transport her to a different world.

Naturally, she favours Edward too. How can she not when he looks so dishy. That hair is even better and I have again suggested to Bob that perhaps he might grow out his hair a la Edward!!! Instead of a laugh, I got a dirty look.

Yesterday afternoon, it was raining and as we all sat around wondering what to do, we hit on the clever idea of watching the Twilight movie on the telly in the old fashioned way, via a DVD. I had seen the movie a few times already, but the love story gets to me every time and it was nice to see my niece hanging onto every word of the movie. At times she even shooshed her Dad when he made a silly comment about Edward...

Even though the movie is set in Vampire land, the underlying love story is perfect. Old-fashioned courting, values and a feeling that he will cherish and put you first always and forever. I couldn't think of a nicer way to introduce a teenager to the world of dating.

Of course she knows that Vampires aren't real ( or are they....) but she now has a great standard to compare any future boyfriend to. Oh, and it would be a bonus point for him if he were to drive a grey Volvo with the same elan as Edward!

P/S: If I ever manage to get Bob to sport an Edward Do, I will post a photo tout-de-suite.