Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Greece, A Storm In A Tea Cup Compared To Global Warming.

It won't help us to say: " If only we'd listened..."

The world has been hanging on with bated breath onto every minute detail and act of this current Greek Saga. The bail out is a new catch phrase that previously was only used by rich parents, lending a hand to their errant children.

Fear of what might happen if Greece were to be cut loose, is foremost in everyone's mind. What would happen to the Eurozone or even further afield, the rest of the world. The big money flitting about silently in the various markets of the world, is of course knitted into their fabrics and thus a Grexit would make a difference to the owners of this big money.

Being an avid reader of suspense novels and the odd conspiracy magazines, I wouldn't be surprised if there existed a club of ultra wealthy, that met every now and again to make sure the rest of us toe the line and make more money for them.

Anyway, it seems that the Grexit has morphed into a Greentry and the reporters of the world can focus on other plights.

It has been mumbled by those in the know, that 2015 is the year, or rather the last year, that we can rewind our stupidity and start to save our planet. Yet, nobody seems to care. Compared with the destruction of our planet through our collective laziness and selfishness, the Grexit is small fry ( maybe not the the Greek people, but I only mean in comparison ).

I am beginning to suspect that perhaps, the various news channels of the world are possibly funded by big business and industry. When whole forests are used up to print everything but the most urgent cause of all of us, the old suspicion antenna is awake.

Saving our planet in such a way that we can grow old in moderate comfort is what should be foremost in anyone's thoughts. Yet, saving our planet would most certainly mean a return to a different lifestyle and that popular ( yet rather senseless ) consumerism lifestyle would be history...

The irony of all our collective stupidity in regard to Global Warming is that a lot of us aren't happy, despite consuming as if there is no tomorrow...