Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Eisenberg Is In The Midst Of A Heat Wave.

Tempers are starting to fray...

Who'd have thought that you can get these types of temperature outside of South Africa. Today we are due to be set upon by a sweltering 39 degrees. Well, at least that is what the weatherman has forecast and honestly, if he is out by a only a few degrees, it is still darn hot.

To add another layer of fun, the nights persist in staying around 20 degrees. At least it does feel a bit cooler and sleeping next to an open ( mosquito netted ) window makes it bearable.

Driving through our village yesterday made it appear like a ghost town. Everyone was hibernating indoors. Levers were shut, curtains were drawn and no one was visiting. One of our neighbours have built themselves a new, big swimming pool but I didn't hear a peep from there either. They did build their pool right in a sunny spot where there is not even a hint of shade.

Some parents make use of this hot weather and bundle their kids off to the local Badesee. But even that gets crammed full and shade is fought over. The mere thought of driving there in a car that is so hot that your t-shirt sticks to the seat, makes this not my idea of fun. If I wanted a hot car, I would get a Porsche!

Luckily I have a stack of books to read and in between when it gets too hot, I take an ice cold shower. That seems to help and if the only exertion is the trip to the kitchen, life is bearable.

Hopefully in a few days the heat wave will have subsided and we can get back to normal summer temperatures in the mid twenties and the freedom that it brings with it.

I have to say, that we are lucky indeed because while we languish comfortably inside our house, the local farmers are out harvesting all day long.

When it is so unbearably hot outside, it is unbelievable to think that in three months time we will have to layer up again and heat the house too.