Saturday, 25 July 2015

Reading Twilight While Shopping Makes A Lamb Out Of Bob.

Impatience & Hooting are suddenly history...

A few weeks ago our niece stayed with us and fell under the spell of Twilight and in fact in such a manner that you would have had to physically wave a hand in front of her face in order to get her attention. Bob was still laughing at that.

Well, all this talk of Twilight had him surreptitiously start on the first book of the series. I say surreptitiously as he only sheepishly showed me when he was half way through the book in under a day. Frankly, I would have noticed anyway because he developed the same traits as our niece...attention deficit or rather attention to wife's nagging deficit!

It's been a while since Bob has burned the midnight oil in our bedroom but now, he reads till early morning without a care in the world or for me, trying to sleep next to him.

The other day we did our weekly shopping. Normally Bob has just enough patience for my taking my time in D.M ( a shop that keeps cosmetic, health foods, hair care & skincare ). I can't help it, I just like looking at things in detail and reading labels ad nauseam. Well, I am lying as Bob's patience starts fading rather quickly ( after 10 min and I know this sounds utopian to other wives whose husbands get revved up after 2 min... ) resulting in his pacing up and down the isles uttering terse comments:

" Jeez, how much more can you look at! "
" For goodness sake, just hurry up, I am going to sit outside in the car and wait for you!! " times I have heard the odd hooter being applied, but as there were a few other women cruising and perusing the isles of D.M, the husbandly hint could have been for anyone of us, or none of us!

So now with Bob being so engrossed in the happenings in Forks, he was loathe to leave his book at home and just in case of a gap, took it along on our shopping trip. Wow, after a slightly longer visit in DM ( mainly because I didn't hear any hooting ) I went outside with a few made up excuses such as:

" Oh Bob, so sorry to keep you waiting, but the queue at the till was so long...!"
" Oh Bob, jeez, there was nobody at the till and I had to wait for ages to pay!"
My gosh, did I get a pleasant surprise...when I got to the car, Le Bob, was so engrossed in Twilight that I had to knock on the window in order for him to open the door for me.
" What, are you finished already? Gosh, that was quick! "

What a pity that there are only a four books in the series...

The Twilight Saga Collection Box Set: Twilight / New Moon / Eclipse / Breaking Dawn