Thursday, 16 July 2015

Take - Away Burgenland Style.

Food needn't be frozen, packaged and full of chemicals.

At the moment, one can't help but stumble over a pumpkin which ever way one walks. Gosh, they practically jump into your arms. This beauty, being guarded by the tell tale orange flower, is on the verge of a road in the vineyards. If it wasn't so big and obvious, I would have carried one home.
These will be for the grown ups and who doesn't like the taste of them in liquid form? Give it a couple of month and these grapes will be plump with flavour...
The maize is vying for attention among the grapes and pumpkins. Even in this photo, you can see how elegant the leaves of a maize plant are and they do remind me of a ballerina's gracefulness. Maize, is there anything nicer than eating one with lashings of butter and salt....
Parents, don't show this to your kids. Just in case you don't know what vegetable this is a Brussels sprout plant. Oh yes, isn't it divine the way each miniture cabbage is lounging on a sprig, waiting to be collected?
As I said, take away is extremely easy here in Burgenland. All you have to do, is go outside and pick at your leisure...Well, at least pick from your own crop.
The heavens gave their blessing over the vineyards of Deutsch Schützen this morning. Cheers.