Sunday, 5 July 2015

Bob Achieved His Silver Medal At The Landeswettbewerb For Volunteer Firefighters.

What a silver fox...

Bob, has all year wanted to earn this medal and yesterday was his day. I am so chuffed for him and also proud of him, because earning this Silver medal took a lot of effort.

All the various volunteer fire departments around Burgenland compete for fastest time and of course the medals earned. Last year he was awarded the Bronze and was already dreaming of a Silver back then.

Bob has truly earned his Silver medal. His team leader / trainer / boss has put him through his paces and Bob and his team had training weeks on end. Nothing wrong with getting fit!

To earn any of these highly sought after medals, one needs to know all the various positions in the team. The team of lifesafers. Yes, we all tend to forget that these championships are a way to keep the firemen ' tuned up '.

Those events they compete in, are in reality a display of how and what gets done, when they arrive at a fire. Once the fire engine arrives, they are the ones who know what to do and do quickly. Lives depend on them. Knowing how to get the water pumping safely through the fire hose is a skill not everyone can do.

The team that Bob competes with, makes it look so easy and effortless, but many many hours of training have been put in. Of course each village wants to hold the coveted trophy of being the fastest team in the country.

Bob, I have a feeling that it won't stop there. Your team is eager to snatch that trophy and I see many training evenings where Mario or Gerhard will make you sprint around the field in full gear.

Bob, not only achieved a Silver medal, but he did it in German ( well, Burgenlandisch really ) and I am so very proud of my husband.