Saturday, 12 August 2017

My Daily Dose Of Acupuncture.

Just call me a living pin-cushion.

I never know when I am going to be the lucky recipient of our cat's affection. Sometimes all day long and other times a mere smidgeon just before meal times. More a point of a reminding me in case I'd forget to feed if that's ever happened!

The omnipotent Google gives seminars and lectures on how to cut a cat's nails but we've never quite got around to doing that. Every time my acupuncture session starts, I think of a way to persuade Bob to give Mausi a manicure. As cute as she is, she might turn into a wildcat and really give us an overdose of acupuncture.

For some reason she loves to knead methodically before cuddling down on my arms, legs or stomach. Not a few seconds either and if I try and get her to settle down she carries on that much longer. By now she should realize that what she feels is what she gets.

Look, once she settles in to be cuddled, all the pin pricks tend to fade from memory and as soon as she purrs like a lion, they are totally forgotten.

Of course I'm not the only pin-cushion in our household. Funnily enough it isn't Bob. He was clever enough to shoo her off a few times and she is more reluctant to apply acupuncture tactics on him. A lot of our bed linen has not been spared tough and rather mysteriously has developed a holey pattern.

Only yesterday I had to tell Bob about her Naughtiness and the plight of our linen and the need to replace them with new ones. Luckily all of ours are hand-me-downs and ancient.

" Which ones did she ruin? "
" The orange ones. "
" Oh thank god, I hate those...!"