Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Never Mind A Month Of Sundays, We've Got A Month of Zucchinis.

We can't even give them away...

Any seasoned gardener will know what we've just found out. Planting zucchini is fool proof and a great way for a garden novice to feel abundant and successful. Enough of both to enthusiastically relive it the following year. The pro's have cleverly restricted their yield by only planting two seeds of baby marrow with enough room in between but Bob was so delighted when all his seeds germinated that he replanted eight in our vegetable garden.

For a while these eight behaved in an orderly fashion and then, they took over and made a zucchini themed garden, one that is very prolific in rewarding us. At any time there are five or six huge marrows ready to eat and it seems as if they grew overnight.

Zucchini soup, zucchini fish stew, zucchini fries and pasta & zucchini on a loop. Let's just say that after such a green sounding menu, the heart and stomach year for blue cheese pasta, steak eggs and chips.

We cunningly tried to gift a lot of our produce but it seems that most planted their own and don't want ours. Freezing them is not a good idea as we only have a small pint size freezer compartment and making a jam might be rather eccentric and questionable. The size of each zucchini could easily be fodder for the Guinness Book of Records considering that we didn't use anything remotely related to the periodic table.

Yesterday Bob went to explore the jungle and came back with the tidings that only one zucchini is left over...yet, more yellow flowers are growing announcing another round of them. As I am writing I think I have found the answer to our vegetable abundance. A mere two meters away we've got a huge lavender bush. A hive of bees constantly on it and surely as a way to thank us they did a bit of extracurricular activity on our zucchini plant!