Friday, 11 August 2017

Putting It All On The Line.

A tempestuous evening indeed.

Despite some promises about the extreme heat being done and dusted, yesterday decided to buck the prediction and scratch on the 40 degree door. Yikes it was stifling and not to mention muggy. Just after three the first sms from Zurich came through ( never mind that we saw the writing in the sky ) and some rain fell, just enough to ensure my pristine dry washing on the line had to stay out a bit longer.

The heat returned, supper was made and some Blaufränkisch had which shouldn't really but somehow lends an excuse for my memory loss in regards to the washing on the line.

Nine o'clock saw us go to bed with the odd thunder and lightening in the sky. Of course it intensified and it didn't take long before an sms came through. Bob got up to have a look in case it was a call out for the Feuerwehr.

" Schatzi, you won't believe it! They are predicting 110 km/h winds along with the rain. "
Oh dear. We could hear the howling start, doors slamming and rain drumming on the various roofs. Being inside it felt rather cozy until I remembered.
" Bob, I forgot to take the washing off the line. "
Oh, one would think I committed a major crime. ( Luckily, with esoteric premonition I had omitted to hang my undies on the line which gave me a good night's sleep ) He was imagining our bits of laundry flying about the village and was less than happy when I told him about the lone position his undies had on the line.
" Bob, weren't those your blue underpants that just flew past the window? "
In between laughing like kids and picturing those blue undies in one of our neighbours' yard, Bob was muttering about my forgetfulness and the bleak future it painted for him.

This morning on the way to drop Bob off at work, we drove slowly and carefully down the road scanning to the left and right of us...just in case one of Bob's belongings was dangling precariously on a windowsill, garden chair or car window.