Wednesday, 2 August 2017

" Oh What A Cute New Cat. "

Gosh, wildlife galore...

On the way home after dropping Bob off at work I took the first turn into Gartengasse instead of my usual Dorfstrasse and only because on the way earlier the road was almost blocked by two huge trucks and a crane. A new floor ( ! ) is put on top of an existing two storey house and might end up the tallest building in the road.

As it was still a bit cooler ( 20 degrees at 5.45 am ) I drove with the windows open and casually slow too. You know, the other morning we only avoided an accident because of Bob's quick reflexes. A deer had jumped across the road a meter in front of us and since then I reign in my speed just in case...unless a BeeGee song is played on the radio. We all have our foibles after all.

Almost at home, in fact on the fence side of our house I noticed a rather skinny ginger cat in the middle of the road. Gosh, whose kitty might that be? It halted for a second to weigh the dangers of our chariot and then proceeded to run into the meadow next to the road. Only the size of its tail gave it away.

Suddenly my brain and eyes coordinated and realized that a skinny fox had meandered out of our garden and gone across the road. Yikes, a fox my mind screamed. First I pressed both buttons to whirl the windows up and then idled to where this wild animal had cut a path through those tall blades of grass. Didn't want it to jump through my window!

Somehow I shouldn't be surprised to see a fox so close as we live a stone's throw away from a forest but even the mere word, fox, demands one's attention and respect. The fact that it had slinked out of our yard made me wary to drive up the driveway in case I saw our Tigger lying there injured or worse. Foxes have been accredited to slaying many a chicken in the village and why stop at those...

I needn't have worried. Tigger was patiently awaiting my return on the windowsill, Mausi was safely protected by the mosquito netting and the only iffy part was walking to the washing line to get the laundry down which I left it there last night by mistake. Believe me, I did plenty of back exercises by repeatedly twisting left and right to see.

Of course for the rest of the day I will tread with caution and perhaps take one of those pesky walking sticks along with my camera...