Sunday, 6 August 2017

The Allure Of A Single Fly.

Sleeping with one eye open.

The lure of a fly instead of a fly as a lure it seems. There are a subset of creatures that find their energy zenith at three am. Cats, flies and the odd clubber.

The buzz was hidden for a long time and I only found out about it when a sudden heavy bump awoke me. It transpired that this lone fly had started to use my body as its airport. Buzzed here, buzzed there but made sure to land on my hip, ankle or hair. Very annoying when one is trying to sleep.

Of course the other early live wire, Princess Mausi thought this was the bee's knees and was literally quivering with excitement. The fly buzzed and princess meowed in her quick mini soprano. She jumped in the air, on the couch, on a chair and finally on me. Yikes, she lunged to catch the fly on my ankle, the fly grinned and flew off and yours truly had a scrape with Mausi's claws.

Admonishing my little one to stop it only made her more determined to carry on in a game of catch the buzzer. Once or twice she misjudged my hair and I felt a narrow escape from her claws but only by a few centimeters. A new conundrum opened up for me...if I went back to sleep the chances that I would wake up with the odd scratch on my face were high. This fly loved my hair and Mausi didn't care...

Eventually I fell asleep with both my arms over my face and luckily awoke with only two arms painfully asleep but no lasting damage. I just know that this fly is keen to start again tomorrow morning and I' ll have to find a way to make our house a no-fly-zone.

I have to say that live with a cat is never boring...