Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The Stillness Of A Public Holiday.

Nary a soul's astir.

Sundays and public holidays are my favourite days to go for a long walk. Cars are almost nonexistent on the roads ( well it's not as if we have traffic jams but instead of five cars passing the whole walk, none do ) and thus the human stillness is complete.

For some reason I tend to come across half a zoo on most walks and today I picked up a battlion of horseflies when I took the time to pat Sepp's horses. Irritating beyond belief and thankfully nobody saw me striding along constantly waving my arms over my head, behind my back and around me.

Luckily they didn't like the upper Eisenberg and buzzed off to find another victim. A variety of birds were settled on either the electricity lines, trees or the more delicate tops of maize along my route and were tweeting at the rate of Donald but in a more cheerful way.

A lot of the holiday cottages are let and I love to decipher the various number plates along the way. The ' W's ' are easy and rather infamous here due to their different driving style. On the upper Eisenberg I veered off to the left along a forest stretch and could have sworn that I saw a fox sitting patiently five meters in. Suddenly my pace increased although it could easily have been a ginger tabby looking for a field mouse.

A bit further on a hare crossed my path. At least I thought so as my eyes took a while to adjust and decipher, which I think the hare's did too...it waited until I was closer before hopping away to safety.

Further on a most inopportune house, beyond having a bad position had the sold sticker in the window and it boggles the mind how it could have found favour. Yet, houses in our area are selling like hot cakes.

In a case of deja-vu, a young deer was grazing on the verge of the road and jumped off into the shrubs after identifying me as a sort of big foot. The rest of the walk was devoid of anything exciting and that is what makes it so addictive. One of the only times where thoughts can run wild, do cartwheels, imagine the impossible while skimming along the various corridors and cul-de-sacs of the mind .


I know, you can hardly see it, but that's as close as I got.
The hare and I...