Monday, 11 June 2018

A Bee Or Not A Bee, That Question Plagues Me.

Nobody likes an intruder.

All I did was go to the post box to check for mail. Shouldn't have bothered as the buzzies took it as an affront and decided to attack me on several sides. Hand for sure, elbow also but the one that flew under the radar of my sunglasses didn't get a sting in. Shew, lucky escape for me considering the effect a little sting had on my hand.

Slow and steady the swelling has taken over and although it isn't sore, being uncomfortable has its moments. So far I've taken a cold shower, gone through several ice packs, smeared honey ( rather ironic ) all over my hand and mostly have taken to reclining on the couch with one hand in the air.

Some blotches have decided to set up camp despite not having had any part of a wasp near it and even knowing they will fade soon, I can't tell you how often I've looked in the bathroom mirror.

Last year or was it the year before, Bob was stung badly above his eye and his whole side of the face was swollen grotesquely. After a day or two he was back to normal so this too shall pass.

All afternoon I've researched on Google which really I shouldn't have as those stupid exceptions and exaggerations have stuck in my mind. Whatever did we do before Google and more importantly, did we get better sooner?

The wasps are everywhere and if I dare say, a touch aggressive. Bob came home earlier and before he opened the gate I stood on the front step telling him about my meeting with our wasps and to warn him. Somehow he thought I was exaggerating about the ninja wasps in our postbox and to prove his point, walked up to it...only to turn tail and emit a few girly screams as a wasp took to chasing after him.

As much as it annoys me to have this allergic reaction ( yesterday I was stung twice and today at least three times so that it is a bit of a toxic overload ) these wasps are merely protecting their nests...


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