Tuesday, 5 June 2018

A Few Hours Parked In The Shade.

Community spirit.

Yes, it is a Tuesday or in the parlance of a certain crowd, blood letting day. Since the advent of making an appointment for blood tests as opposed to popping in on the off-chance for ordinary ills and ails, my very early morning collection times are a thing of the past.

Gosh, I remember a few years ago when the doctor's opened at seven a.m. and nobody had an appointment, it was first come first serve and you can imagine how some of the older crowd made me get up at the crack of dawn in order for them to be first in line. We are talking about half past six and honestly, in the depth of winter it isn't much fun to sit and shiver for a few hours in the car waiting for them to reemerge.

During summers I have a parking spot next to a big bush which provides me with a semblance of shade but more importantly a view of the front steps. My sojourns can be long or short but I don't mind at all as it gives me an opportunity to connect with people. They recognize my car ( or me sitting in it ) and wave driving by, nod whilst pedaling past or even stop when on foot to have a wee chat.

Despite the trusty source of social media seemingly being the font of all knowledge local and afar, nothing beats having one on one conversations and getting to know people and their real life. No glamour shots, no pretense but joyful tidbits about a grandson coming to spend the summer with grandparents ( grannies face lit up with joy ), trips taken or meals made.

Sitting there this morning made me realize yet again how very fortunate and glad I am to be able to make or rather, have a life here.


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