Thursday, 21 June 2018

Summer Holidays Have Finally Started.

The kids are in for a long summer...

Actually I think they only start tomorrow but we all remember how the last week before the big summer holidays should have been included in the holidays instead of making us put on the uniform for those last few days in order to watch movies, go on excursions or read at our leisure in a hot classroom...

Most of the kids will take the opportunity to sleep till noon, game all night and generally laze and graze about, but there a few who still do cool offline stuff. Going fishing down at our local pond has taken over a few of the local boys' life and at times when I head out for my walk they are already casting their lines and quietly contemplating the future joy of catching a carp, while secretly hoping that it'll be the biggest catch of the day. A parent's dream to see their offspring spend the day outside, being sporty and staying offline.

Ours is a village where the kids can use their bicycle to get around and apart from giving mum's taxi a well deserved rest, it is a brilliant bit of exercise for otherwise computer bound kids.

Burgenland's libraries have also taken a wonderful initiative in order to get the kids reading during these coming two months. Most of the major libraries have issued special library passes to all pupils which entitles them to read as many books as they want and can during the holidays, with a special reward at the end. Whoever reads the most books gets a prize. Brilliant, isn't it?

Here's to a great summer holiday for all the school kids and of course their parents, who depending on how many kids they have, have retaken the various school subjects once, twice or three times...


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