Thursday, 14 June 2018

World Cup Again.

A month of soccer awaits.

Does that also happen to you, this sudden reminder of time gone by? Four, eight or twelve years...whatever happened to them? The 2010 world cup was monumental for Bob and I as it was our first visit to our future home. A yardstick of time.

Even the build up to the South African world cup has stuck with me. The incessant planning and building of venues, hotels and stadiums along with all the money it would take to finance. Well, here we are two world cups later and it wouldn't surprise me if the cost of the South African world cup is still being paid and felt.

Those eight years between these events have been filled full with wonderful new firsts and experiences for Bob and I. Life changing stuff which we accepted with open arms.

As I type, Bob is glued to the first match of the series and at least we don't have much of a time difference. The Brazil word cup had strange viewing times for us and many a sleepless night was had trying to follow the matches.

Sport, especially soccer brings people together and leaves prejudice at the stadium entrance. For the next thirty days or so, we'll be able to forgo the daily mix of political satire while pitching our support on our favourite team ( country really, isn't it? ) and bite our nails to the quick following their advance through the stages.

Some of us will side with teams that don't make it very far but that's okay too, because we still get to feel part of tournament and let's not forget that in order for there to be a winning team, a lot of losing ones have to step up as worth opponents to overcome.


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