Sunday, 3 June 2018

Two Feline Lotharios Caterwauling In Our Yard.

A cats' musical.

Mausi and I were dozing away on the couch yesterday afternoon as one is wont to do on a lazy Saturday, when we were pulled back from the brink of dreamland ( Mausi twitched her paws in a pretend chase of birds and I valiantly fought my eyelids trying to defy gravity ) by the most off key aria ever.

The windows which are triple glazed no less, were closed yet couldn't keep the cat fight at bay. Gosh, Mausi rushed to the window while I ran outside still half asleep thinking someone had been injured or had a glass too many. What met my eyes was theater through and through. There the two tomcats were standing at length opposite each other ready for a duel. The stance could have been right out of a Barbara Cartland novel with only the Seconds missing. Even now I could picture the one slapping a white glove on the other's cheek to induce the duel.

Good grief the grey boy sang like a girl but off pitch while his opponent merely stood there awaiting his cue. No better than his opponent he caterwauled his way through the feline fight song without any finesse or elegance.

" My boys, stop fighting. You know there's enough for both of you. "
only elicited a bored stare from both sides but not a ceasefire. Oh my gosh that sing song babble is enough to drive anyone crazy. The point of it is rather cloaked in mystery as a few minutes later they were side by side at the feeding trough.

Perhaps the point of their play was the audience. Miss Tiggi looked like she was grinning in glee atop her perch while Miss Mausi was all agog on the other side of the sill trying not to miss a note squeezed out of those feline lungs.


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