Saturday, 9 June 2018

A Week Of Rain.

The times have shifted.

Summer, storms and rainbows are a given, aren't they? Summer, storms and stars are a bit dubious to say the least. These last few days we've been rudely awakened by a flash of lightning followed moments later by the deafening boom of thunder in the middle of the night.

The days have been hot and extremely humid almost similar to hot Durban summer days. Yikes, sweating being the order of the day. Our grounds are saturated and many villages have had cellars, roads or houses flooded. Even this morning as we drove through Eisenberg we could see the signs and trail of a nightly mini flash flood. Mud caked the edges of streets. Not a lot yet but should those threatening clouds mean business, we could be in for a bit more flooding.

Eisenbergers being the good solid villagers they are, have been busy brushing the mud off the roads. People care. The lawns and vines are shooting up like teenagers on a growth spurt and mushrooms are sprouting all over the forest's edge.

I haven't ventured any further inwards but judging from the amount of cars parked there these last few mornings, every fungus enthusiast is searching his private fiefdom for mushrooms and a chance to test his fungi knowledge. The exact locations of mushroom patches are kept under mental lock and key. Woe to those who pick on someone else's turf...of course you wouldn't catch me picking anything of the fungi Russian Roulette at all.

As for the rain's ability to cause floods, as awful as they are some of the blame should land alongside the water firmly at our feet due to our need of taking over nature by building new instead of remodeling old empty houses and not leaving meadows be. When the rain comes there isn't a place for it to trickle underground as it should instead it is corralled in and on our cemented living areas.

...looks a bit dodgy to me!


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