Monday, 4 June 2018

A Milkshake Is Had.

Thank goodness for our smoothie maker.

Since we've acquired our new fridge we are over the moon with it and the endless possibilities it provides. A freezer filled with frozen berries is magic to say the least. Let's face it, fresh berries are a bit of a gamble as the moment you've grazed through the first layer a hitherto hidden bit of past their due date berries are unveiled. Almost worse than taking a gamble on an Avocado at one euro a piece only to slice it open and encounter the grey threads of over ripeness murkying the fruit.

Not that I am saying that frozen blueberries are any better but they are perfect for making smoothies. When I got home from a lesson just now, I decided to be healthy and have my fruit. Have a cup of blueberries, a few slithers of banana, chia seeds and soya milk whipped up into a delicious double thick purple milkshake. Too divine and so easy really.

Most days when Bob comes home from work I whip him up a smoothie to replenish his energy. Great way to eat enough fruit and a perfect way to underhandedly put ginger, spinach or celery into it. Not his favourites and unless he sees any evidence lying about he can't taste them anyway.

Milkshakes, especially the double thick kind remind me so much of my school days back in South Africa. Most Friday afternoons we would congregate at John Orr's Platter cafe feeling ecstatic ladling the milkshake out the glass ( straws were mere garnish ) and ogling the dishy College boys.

If you were to ask me now what they looked like, I couldn't tell you but back in the day the mere sighting of the College uniform sent most of our hearts aflutter...


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