Friday, 29 June 2018

The Fridge That Keeps On Giving.

Nothing better than an ice lolly on a hot summer's day.

Bob and I are like a pair of kids on Christmas day. Our fridge-freezer has us enthused most of the time. Filling each and every nook of it akin to what we did with our last little fridge, seems nigh on impossible.

The vegetables keep so much longer now that they have a decent place to rest awaiting meal times! Everything lasts longer and honestly, our fridge looks nicely splattered with the colours of all manner of vegetables with the odd can of beer and bottle of wine lurking about.

The bottom half or Siberia as I like to refer to it, has seen many a lodger. Bread stored as toast-able pieces frozen in time as well as broccoli, peas and bananas which have taken over that frozen neighbourhood and filled out any empty spaces.

A few weeks ago I stumbled across the empty shapes at a check-out. Instantly recognized and purchased because of very fond memories starting in childhood. Ice lolly containers which one can fill with any juice or yoghurt and freeze it to morph into a frozen bite to restore sanity on those extremely hot summer days. So easy, so divine and so affordable.

Both of us were sweltering on another hot afternoon ( despite having had a stormy morning's respite ) and remembered a batch of ice lollies in our freezer. The hardest part is getting them to melt out of their container with the stick still in it, but after that's done a few blissful moments of icy contentment ensue. A pear juice ice lolly is memorable for its refreshing coldness and rather short life span... ambrosia on a sweltering afternoon and thank goodness I made another batch of four.

The four ice lollies...pointe like ballerinas before the curtains come down...


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