Thursday, 28 June 2018

Everyone Loves A Winner And Boos A Loser.

Is this what we've come to?

Yes, we all expected Germany to go through to the next round, yes we all thought that South Korea would be a walk-over and no, we did not expect in a million years to see Germany exit. But, let's move on.

One could almost detect the thunder of the millions of complainers ( my husband being one ) giving their piece of advice on ball handling, player placement, ball not hitting the back of the net and of course the coach. How fickle when one considers that these same folks would have waxed lyrics upon the team winning...

No, it isn't nice to have lost the game but how they handle themselves in defeat defines true champions. So far I've not watched any response from the team apart from an interview the coach gave after the match, but that was a win for sure. He congratulated their opponents on a superb game and most importantly he owned up to the loss. Bravo.

As I've mentioned before, our society is so obsessed with winning that good sportsmanship and character have been squeezed out of the equation by the greed and need of winning. Winning and being successful has had its importance magnified by social media and sadly also created a platform for meting out verbal abuse and punishment for not winning.

Children are avid fans of soccer and will have been crushed by Germany's defeat, but let's show them by our actions and reactions that it is okay to lose sometimes. Show them that what you do and how you behave after you or someone else loses defines your character and ability to navigate the world at large. A place where not everyone wins all of the time...


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