Monday, 18 June 2018

A Rude Awakening In Russia.

A few David & Goliath stories had so far.

Honestly, I don't think many people expected the World Champions to lose their opening match but ironically, that made it more interesting to watch. In fact I was glued to the screen in order not to miss the goal which turned out to be an illusion yesterday. Never mind, that only spurs them on and gives an extra pep to the series. All I can say is that I should have put my money on Mexico because surely someone made a lot of dosh last night.

There were a few upheavals already and wasn't it fabulous to watch the Icelanders do so well? This change of events has made it more worthwhile to watch the individual matches. Nothing more boring than predictability.

Russia is such a vast country and I look forward to travelling through it from the comfort of my sofa. You know, this tournament has come at the right time as it has booted the incessant American politics out of our living rooms. Good grief, there's only so much one can watch but having said that, one can't switch off either. Like driving past an accident, one doesn't want to look but can't help it.

Many soccer tourists will get to see little pockets of the real Russia, taste the local delicacies and get a taste of traditions and customs. The food alone must be fantastic. As all that glitters is not gold so all that we are shown about Russia on TV is not the real Russia. Yet, we fall for it every time. Show me a country that doesn't have any problems...

I heard today that a lot of soccer hooligans are attending the games, which makes me wonder if the relevant authorities have let them travel in order for them to spend the winter in perhaps eh, Siberia? Of course they will be on their best behaviour...!


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