Tuesday, 26 June 2018

We Should Call It A Wrap On Wrapping.

Everything is over cossetted.

Yesterday was plastic-rubbish collection day and I can't get over how much we accumulate in a month. Whatever one buys is cling wrapped, enclosed in a carton and again for good measure wrapped in clear plastic again. Pure madness and so unnecessary.

Most of us wouldn't mind if we bought goods even food items with less covering. Some stuff might get dented or not look so attractively made up but at least we'd be helping the planet a bit more.

Paper is just as bad. Cardboard boxes galore, newspapers dropped in the postbox and prolific advertising to lure us into buying more stuff and of course wrapping.

Consciously trying to avoid packaging isn't that easy. I've seen shoppers strip after paying for their good. Strip the goods that is. Yes, many leave superfluous cardboard covers, plastic wraps and containers they don't need at the supermarket. Great idea considering the half our garage has changed into a hangout for glass, paper, plastics, cans and her majesty's number 2's ( encased neatly in a bag of course ).

One begins to wonder if there are lobbyists for the plastics and paper industry who make sure that laws are put in place to double wrap produce, foods and almost anything. Our new fridge was mollycoddled inside a wealth of styrofoam and if I had been more alert I could have given it back to the delivery man.

Well, let me try again this month to whittle our rubbish down to the bare minimum...or at least reduce it a bit.


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