Sunday, 10 June 2018

Suedburgenland, The Envy Of Many Europeans.

Another scorcher of a day.

Mum and I were sorting out the changeovers for the Kellerstöckels ( a.k.a. cleaning ) late morning today when we ran into some of the guests leaving. A late check-out indeed but not a problem really as I got a chance for a bit of an enlightening conversation.

The couple was young, younger than I by a decade perhaps and also extremely trendy or nerdy. Not sure because he wore shorts and socks with sneakers although the socks were pulled up halfway to the knee. Is that fashionable now? Bob often tends to favour secret socks and usually looks tres Miami Vice...

The reason they were later in leaving was due to the late night they had tasting our divine Burgenland wine. A wedding of their friends and I can only imagine that it was an open bar as they still had a tinge of green about the gills but the real tell was his question about where the next lake was.

It was amazing to hear him wax lyricals about our weather. They live in France ( surely that is the original paradise? ) and couldn't get over how stunning our weather was. Hot, summery and even the cherries seemed to have ripened two weeks ahead of schedule.

Innocently I mentioned that summer hadn't officially started yet and that there would be at least four months of stunning summer climes ahead. If he could have, he would have bought a place right then and there...especially since he had tasted our fabulous wines. Aah, the good life.


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