Saturday, 29 September 2012

Bretzen Made the Bavarian Way.

October Fest in Burgenland, Part 2.

We are an ingenious lot. Bretzen ( Pretzels ) have been part of German Food culture since the middle ages. Possibly more in Bavaria. Of course no one really knows, but personally I suspect that an industrious Beer Brewer started serving the salty Bretzen along with his beer, and thus made his customers doubly thirsty...!

For our little October Fest, my Mum decided to make some Bretzen. That is quite an effort, as they have to be dunked into some sort of " lauge/baking soda " before baking. Never mind making the dough and rolling it into a Bretzen shape. Not as easy as it looks.

As with any party the world over, we women were in the kitchen, cooking and baking. In my case, I was more cheering and chatting along. The men were outside and not letting their Keg get out of eyesight. Every now and again, one of them would be sent in to check on the Bretzen progress ! Beer does not taste the same without it. When we at last took the Bretzen out to the men, they disappeared at the speed of light. They tasted so amazing, that I think they will be part of my baking repertoire.

We did have a opening ceremony ie, hitting the tap into the barrel. A bit of the beer escaped as foam out the top ( which was not properly tightened ). The men almost cried thinking of all the lost beer. My aunt's little dog, Emily, was hovering near the spillage and we suspected that she had a taste, as she fell asleep rather quickly !

My uncle had brought ( special request from my cousin ) his Accordion, and was playing all kinds of ditties. Of course as the evening progressed, he was not alone with his music. Everyone contributed their version of singing which got more interesting as the Keg got emptier ! It was one of those at " short notice " kind of party's, which turned out to be magical and will be thought and talked of often.


I only managed to get a pre-picture, as the Bretzen disappeared so quickly.

Ironic to see the vines in the background of the Beer drinker...