Friday, 21 September 2012

Indicators That The Honeymoon Phase is Over !

How Long Did It Last in Your Case ?

Being with someone special is just the bee's knee's ! It is what we all secretly hope and pray for, and if we are lucky enough, we get to be with that special one.

We all know how unbelievably magical and blinding those first few weeks can be. You would think that the " other " one is faultless and perfect...In fact, we tend to wax lyrically to our friends and family, endlessly boring them in the process.

Usually the chips start to fall off our eyes when we move in together or get married. Suddenly
( unexpectedly ) bits of the magic changes into bits of reality. You know the look, almost this shell shocked expression, when you see a different side of your partner. One that no one warned you about. Gosh, it turns out that they have imperfections like we do.

One of the indicators signalling reality in the " coupledom " is the business of going to the eh...toilet. When your significant other does not worry about certain aromas and noises coming from there ( especially if they know you have to go in there straight after and didn't open the window ) ! Can you remember back to the first few weeks, when you wondered if your partner ever actually used the toilet ?
( I know, that my husband used to leave early in the morning and shoot up the road to his parents, to use their loo ).

Or when you wake up in the middle of the night to this horrendous rattling sound... snoring. For some reason, we all don't like to own up to this one ! In fact, I always tell Bob that he is imagining it, because ( of course ) I don't snore... It is quite disconcerting to find out that you are not this omnipotent hero to the other. Oh, there are so many instances that transition us into the great ( real ) part of
" coupledom ".

It is a fun road to discovery and when you get to the destination of the " real " spouse/partner, it is like reaching a milestone.
The hard work of pretending to be so perfect is over and we can start to sit and laugh ( sometimes cry ) at our traits. From comparing smells coming out of the toilet, to differences of opinions and my all time favorite :
Knowing that you love each other regardless of all the above and that now you can let " your hair down " and just be yourself..