Monday, 24 September 2012

Spending Time with Family.

Don't forget your family !

Moving overseas at the ripe old age of 12 was the most exciting thing for me. When you are that young, you think in increments of days or possibly months. Just as well, because the notion of forever ( or in my case 30 years ) would have been daunting.

What I did not understand too well at the time, was the implications of not seeing all my various family for long stretches of time. The odd visit now and again. My life was enriched immensely by moving overseas, but of course, the fly in the ointment, was not seeing my family often.

Now that I am back in Europe, I have had a feast of seeing family.
In fact, when I get to see family, I tend to hang onto their every word, to garner facts and information which I imbibe and treasure. I am pretty certain, that they have never had such a captive audience !
When my uncles tell me about their grand kids, I realize that I skipped a whole generation and would not know them, if I passed them in the street. But that is life, you gain in one area and loose out in another. Yet, every turn that you take on " life's " streets, was the one meant for you.

Through the years of working in The ( Hair ) Salon, I was privileged to be able to have great conversations and interactions with clients. The one thing that I always felt sad and slightly angry about though, was how families used to not see each other, even though they lived in the same town. It was mostly because of some slight ( imagined or real ), or just not finding the time in these busy times ( really ? ) to visit.

Each time I heard anything along those lines, I wanted to remind them, and sometimes did, that I would have to jump on a plane, to see family. They could just jump on a bicycle, or in a car and visit. I suppose that this is human nature. You only tend to appreciate what you don't have.

Maybe just today, make the time to visit a family member or just phone them to say " Hello "...