Sunday, 16 September 2012

Chickens...Really ?

City Girl Getting a Biology Lesson !

Like any good wife, I try to make the bed everyday. Not always at the same time, but generally it gets done in the morning...Keeping a house tidy is hectic and personally, I think the best time to receive visitors, is after dark. During the day, when the sun is still out, every dusty corner and crevice gets horribly illuminated !

My Mum still lives in the hope that I will turn the corner into a fabulous house-cleaner. Every now and then I throw her a treat, and do a good clean ( when I know she is coming over ).

When Bob and I first got together, he was a neat freak ( only until he knew I was a goner ). My Mum was ecstatic and had visions of Bob keeping me on the clean and tidy path. Now, we both run competitions on who gets to do less housework..

Anyway, while shaking out the duvet ( always less labour intensive ) in a casual manner, I happened to glance out the window. Oh drat, the chickens were out gallivanting again. Among them was Bob's favorite chick, whom he aptly named " Comb-Over ". Somehow, the comb on top of her head flops alarmingly over to the left, and it reminded him a most famous business guy, who sports said hair-do ! ( As it is a chicken and not a duck, he couldn't use the first name ).

" Bob, Comb-Over is outside with all her friends ".
" I'll be there in a minute ". Carrying on making the bed, I kept an eye out out for the chickens. All over sudden, the rooster starts attacking Comb-Over form the back, and sitting on top of her , wings flapping like mad and funny crowing coming from his beak. Now I was really panicked and screamed for Bob, " Come quickly, the rooster is attacking Comb-Over. He has just jumped on top of her. "

Bob came running, took one look outside and started laughing uncontrollably, with tears running down his face and told me " You so silly, he is just having leg-over. You caught them in the act."
Well...I must say, it can't have been fun for Comb-Over, as she carried on eating the whole 10 seconds !


A " goner " for Comb-Over !

I thought she was just stretching...maybe the start of the mating ritual ?

I am sorry, but Comb-Over is my girl...