Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Have You Ever Noticed...

How Set in Our Way's we Become ?

When does it start ? Suddenly you notice that certain attitudes and behaviour change. Or that your tolerance has a different set point. Maybe you catch yourself realizing that your actions and reactions to situations resemble that of your parents.

For me, the different phases of socializing through the decades were a dead give away.
In my twenties, the proof of a " with-it " life ( yes, in our twenties we tend to be more shallow ), was how often I went out with friends to clubs and parties. Tiredness never even crossed my mind when after eight hours of work, the phone would ring and we would organize a night out. Lack of sleep was considered a sign of popularity. Honestly, I could not understand how the slightly older lot, would only want to rush home and stay there watching TV, etc !

In my thirties, it slowed down on its own, as more and more friends moved away or got married. Invites to nights out dwindled drastically, and the few that came along, were conveniently on a Saturday night. Those left enough recovery time on Sunday, so that I would not notice that my stamina had diminished.

Now when I headed into my forties, the pull of the couch ( with a TV not too far ) waiting loyally for me at home, started to enter my thoughts already in the afternoons. One of the most important magazines to have, is the TV schedule, with a hint of panic setting in, the odd times I forget to buy it. In fact, when an unexpected invite comes along, it is not the " be-all " it was in my twenties. Yes, I had and have grown up.

Luckily, now in my forties, discos ( yes, showing my age ) are off the menu. A night out is more sedate, with a meal at a restaurant or at friends. Bob, being four years younger than me, is still at the in between phase...

He compensates by having his " night-out " music in the car, and putting it full volume. So the few times we do have a night out, our car gets turned into a mobile Disco, with the older nag
( ah, that's me ) saying irritating things like : " It's so loud, can't you turn it down " ?
Definitely set in my ways...


Bob's choice which helps him re-live his twenties...!