Tuesday, 25 September 2012

In Vino Veritas...?

The Interesting Details always Emerge at some point of a Party...

Most of us have had these experiences. Going to an evening out at friends or family, is always akin to opening a " Lucky Packet ". It definitely will be a surprise, you are going to like it, but you never know how big a surprise, and how much you are going to like it !

Just like any other place where lots of people get to meet, parties are no different. You get the different type of characters, that are the so unique by themselves yet they make a party. The Loner, the Talker, the Joker, the Shy-one, the Carer, the Listener and the Observer.

Most of us can identify with all these characters and I know that throughout my life, I have filled most of these roles at various parties. Lately, as I am the designated driver and don't drink alcohol, the role of Observer is tailor-made for me ( Gosh, to think of all the " gems " I used to say when I had a few glasses of wine and thinking they were unbelievably hilarious...oops ).

Last night, was one of those spontaneous get-together's, that is so special, nice, funny and interesting...! My Uncle, Aunt, Cousin and her husband have come to enjoy the natural charms of Burgenland, combining it with the opportunity to see us all. To me it was like Manna from Heaven, as I am still soaking up all those wonderful family experiences.

We had got to the part of the evening, where the hidden yawns were doing the rounds. Everyone was to embarrassed to make the first move to leave, yet hoping someone would do it. In one of those lulls in the conversation, my Uncle suddenly piped up,
" I know so many secrets about the family that would make you speechless, but I am not going to tell you ! " Of course now we were all awake and highly riveted. Who wouldn't be. Family secrets that might go back generations..." Please tell us. "
" No, I won't tell anyone and I will take them to my grave. "

Of course my Uncle was a little bit tiddly, but adamant that he would not divulge those secrets he teased us about. We valiantly tried a lot of tongue-loosening methods, yet to no avail ! It just goes to show, that there is some truth to the saying " in vino veritas ", yet it obviously depends on the amount consumed...