Sunday, 23 September 2012

Who's in Charge, My Ego or Me ?

Trip to the Dentist with Surprising Results.

For months now, I have been eating lopsided. A painful tooth on my left side, forced me to chew only on the right side. Visions of having a overdeveloped one-sided jaw, were always there. In June I had a filling, yet it was no better.

Like a lot of others, I am not overly fond of Dentists. One gets used to many things, even a one-sided eating habit. My Mum, of course, nagged me to go and have it seen to. When she saw my reluctance, she knew how to convince me. Several tales of teeth rotting or teeth just falling out, came my way ! Mums are good in that department.

The day arrived for my appointment. Bob made jokes about what I would look like without some of my teeth. Cheeky sod ! I already had an image of joining the denture brigade ! Knowing that Dentists are on a par with Hairstylists, by letting you wait a while for your appointment
( possibly a few experience the same amount of fear for both ), I took reading material. Thinking it a good opportunity to read something positive, I chose a book by Dr.Wayne W. Dyer.

Sitting on the uncomfortable couch in the waiting room, and seeing other sufferers, was no picnic, until I began to read. Usually I just open a page at random and know that that is what I need to read. Wow, was I right. It distinguished the difference between Ego and Self. Ego is the one that makes us feel scared, cross, angry, poor and paints negative outcomes to situations. When you acknowledge that the ego is not the true you, life's problems are just stepping stones for our journey.

Right, I thought, let me think of a successful outcome today with the Dentist. I really did. When it eventually was my turn, I sat waiting on the comfortable recliner ( the one with all those torture instruments attached to it ) and pictured my teeth being well. By now, I know that a lot of you are rolling their eyes, but that is me...!

The Dentist came in, asked me where it was sore, looked on the X-ray and told me that it was just an errant yet ( thankfully ) alive nerve. There was no need to do anything, the situation would right itself. With the biggest of grins, I skipped out of there and could not wait to get home and tell everyone...Seeing how quickly good thoughts often work, I have been glued to his book all weekend.