Saturday, 8 September 2012

Paying The Bill The Old Fashioned Way.

Wonderful traditions here in Burgenland.

Yesterday my parents asked us, if we would like to join them at a local Buschenschank. That's another thing that Bob finds so great about Burgenland, and if he could, he would go to a Buschenschank most nights. My parents mostly decide to go out at the last minute, and when they call us, it is usually on the way to the place.

It was about six, when the phone rang. I had just showered and made myself comfortable on our TV couch, watching the opening Murder scene of my favorite show. It was my mum asking us to join them. In the blink of an eye, almost like a Super-Hero, Bob lept up from the computer, and already started to change while on the way to the bedroom. Obviously we were going to the Buschenschank ! In fact, he had already started the car, while I was still getting ready.

We are lucky, as there are many different Buschenschanks within a five minute radius. Not even fifteen minutes elapsed, before we were sitting next to my parents, ordering the typical local and homemade food and wine.

Going out in our small village is always a nice way to meet and greet the community. Walking to and from our table included many " Servus's " and " Hallo's ".
Like any other evening out, this one also included fun, a few rounds of drink, good conversation and nice simple food.

The only " downside " usually, when it is time to pay the bill ( only effective if you drink a bit too much ), is that you and not the waitress, must remember what you had to eat & drink. The old fashioned way to pay the bill. Honesty and Trust. I think that this is so fabulous. In today's world, where do you still get such a system ?

The amazing thing is, that when such trust is placed on people, they live up to it...


Bob's in a hurry to get there.

The Buschenschanks are mostly in the middle of vineyards and have great views.