Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Learning to Become a Money Magnet.

Trying a Different Approach.

As you know, moving to Burgenland was definitely the best choice and we like it here. Though like anything worthwhile in life, it has some difficulties and " Tests " that come with it.

Moving to a new country involves many things and for us it also meant starting again from the bottom of the " financial " ladder. In a way it is exciting and most certainly challenging. A lot of the normal everyday stuff we always took for granted, are now a luxury for us.

It is amazing how we now appreciate the little things. When the phone rings, we both hold thumbs that it is a client, and then do a little happiness dance, when it is. Grocery shopping is also an extremely basic affair. Really just the essentials.

Having always worked and earned a good salary, these kind of problems were always an abstract idea for me. But you know, Bob and I know that it is part of the deal and as the saying goes :
" What doesn't kill you makes you stronger "...

I had bought this book by Marie-Claire Carlyle How to Become a Money Magnetyears ago. The other day I saw it on the bookshelf and started to read it again. With these new thoughts and tips swirling around in my mind, I went for my walk yesterday. About half-way in, I saw a ten cent coin on the path in front of me. Even though a car was coming up behind me, I bent down to pick it up
( hoping the car wouldn't just see a backside sticking up in the air ). Mentally I said a great Thanks to the universe for sending me a bit of money.

Can you believe it, I had not even gone a few meters further, and I stumbled across an Euro. Wow, my money-magnetism is working. The rest of my walk, I kept an eagle eye out for greater rewards but it seems that I have to make small steps first...

Just a little thought : If you intend to help a friend or family member who is not doing so well financially, why don't you get them a bag of groceries ( as little or as much as you want ) and drop it off or have it sent ( Amazon Grocerieshas a grocery section and delivers if they don't live close to you ). From what I have learnt, that would be a good and useful way to help out. Giving is better than Receiving.