Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Quintessential Procrastinator.

Doing It My Way...

You get the odd lot of people who jump up and attend to chores as soon as they need to be done. Well ( un ) fortunatley, I am not part of this Elite Squad !

Where did they get their training ? Is that kind of instinct placed into the cradle or is it somehow a reflection on how hard their parents " drilled " them ? Well, sorry Mum, I belong to the thought camp of Laissez-Faire. In fact, if I dig a little deeper and research this field, I am sure that I would be part of the majority.

The irony is that we all want what we can't have or do, so now and again, I try to map out a suitable strategy to make me maybe switch sides and join the elite squad. Surprisingly I put vasts amount of mental energy into this challenge. Sadly this strategy only lasts a few minutes until I see something on TV or go back to reading my novel. In fact, it's almost an art form. Evading chores, that is.

Eventually one of two things tend to happen. Either the " chore " not done gets to be such an eyesore, that I start to do it. Or the guilt, which tends to get a louder voice in my mind ( or could it possible be the " gentle " parental reminders ), gets to much and I just do it.

It just occurred to me, that I have not specified what I would classify as a chore. To me a chore is: re-plastering the wall, painting said wall, re-digging the vegetable garden, cementing the driveway and cleaning out the get the idea !

Now here comes what I call the Kicker or Last laugh of the universe. As soon as I have finished any long overdue chore, I feel enthusiastically inclined to do more and more. The experts
( parents ) are right in their stance of " Do it straight away and you'll feel better ".

It almost is impossible to stop myself from attending to another chore. Almost, but not quite. The lure of lazying contently on the couch is just too strong. No need to belong to the one percent ! Which Camp do you belong to ? My husband Bob enthusiastically announced his membership of the Elite which I am going to hold him to!