Sunday, 16 November 2014

Bob And I Had A Taste Of Thailand.

A fabulous discovery.

Most of us rush off to have our cars serviced, our roofs fixed and the garden weeded...but how many of us actually tend to our most precious asset? Our bodies. Merely going to the doctor when the wheels have fallen off, is not what I mean. No, I mean being preemptive for health.

Bob's been doing hard manual labour rather often lately ( eight hours on the trot wheeling small stones around helping out a friend, as well as washing the dishes daily! ) and his childhood injury to his shoulder was sore. Really sore. Sore enough that he jumped at the chance to have a massage. My back is always up to tricks so to have it seen to now and then is also a must.

Last week, I heard from two different sources about this great place just down the road in Hungary. In fact, when my friend told me about this place she was so ecstatic about it, that my curiosity was awakened. When she whipped out a pamphlet from the place and gave it to me, Bob's and my fate was sealed.

Even before setting a foot into their business, I knew they were good. Opening times until 8 pm six days a week...perfect. We had been lucky to get appointments at 5.30 pm yesterday. Yoohoo, a nice treat for the weekend.

Bob is still rather a novice when it comes to having massages so I ( just for a minute ) stepped into his mother's role and told him:

" Bob, you'll have to wear your new underpants and not the loose boxers either! "
well, I was only 90 % in his Mum's footsteps, as I didn't say clean undies!!!

I don't think I ever told you about the very first time Bob had a massage. Funnily enough it was while we were here on holiday four years ago. My parents had whisked us to a day spa in Hungary ( they were pulling out all the stops to show us how fabulous this area is and we knew already before all the treats! ) and that's where Bob went off to his cubicle, masseuse and...

...When I had finished my massage and went to see how Bob's had been, he bashfully told me about his traumatic experience. Bear in mind that Bob was new to the etiquette of massages.
" It was all great and she was massaging my back when suddenly she pulled my undies way down past my bum to massage the bottom. Biggi, I was so terrified that I would have to turn over and she would see...luckily she didn't! "
Bob, remembering this experience had donned new & fashionable underwear. As did I. Well, both of us needn't have bothered. The place we went to is so professional, that each of us got a pair of wide linen yoga pants to put on.

The room was partioned with curtains and each cubicle had a mattrass on the floor. Comfortable. When the massage started, the lights dimmed to a very pleasant dark setting. No bits of cellulite would ever be noticed. Honestly, it is a much better feeling than being exposed under those bright search lights. For me at least.

My massage was out of this world. A proper Thai massage. My masseuse found all my weak points and worked on them. This hour of heaven was over far too quickly. What was great too, was that there wasn't a lot of talking. Isn't it annoying when you are lying there having a precious hour of a massage and needing to engage in a conversation?

The staff there are extremely nice. Polite, smiling and happy to have had you as a customer. Doesn't happen that often nowadays, does it?

Here is a link to their website.