Friday, 21 November 2014

Discovering Rechnitz On Foot.

An unexpected and pleasant surprise.

Normally, we only cruise through Rechnitz either on the way up the Geschriebenstein or on our way to Hungary. For some reason I have had it in mind to do a flyer run in Rechnitz.

For Bob's business as a Computer Technician, we have had the best results from handing out flyers. Even in today's age of Internet, an old fashioned paper flyer still comes out trumps and when you think about it, once your computer is striking, how on earth would you look up a computer technician online? Flyers are a no-brainer!

We set of mid morning and as it is a mere 15 km from Eisenberg, we were there within minutes. When we found a parking space on a side road, we both just saw the street ahead and thought we'd be finished sooner rather than later. We normally each take a side of the road and proceed to put flyers into post boxes.

Even that is rather fun as at times we get greeted by a barking dog, a cat that gives us the stare and of course by an array of interesting post boxes. Some have flaps that open inwards, some are hidden behind gates and others are ornate. Walking the pavements of any town or village is never boring.

Even Bob didn't realize how sprawling Rechnitz is. We eventually got separated by the lovely criss crossing of lanes in the suburbs. Yes, it is such a big village / town that it has the most amazing suburb. We handed out all of the flyers and will need to go back a few more times to cover the whole village.

Walking around there, some of the lanes had an old world charm and feel. It could have been a suburb in any major European city. We even discovered a lovely property that could be dead ringer for a Halloween special. All spooky and romantic.

The garden is so overgrown and untended that even without seeing the For Sale sign, we knew it was empty. The property wall is a very old stone one and by the size of the surrounding garden, we both deemed it to be a former country seat of someone well to do.

Of course we'd never leave Eisenberg but we both thought that should we crack the nod of the Lottery Gods, we might set up a weekend retreat in Rechnitz. Our own little haunted house...a house that we would be ideal for big family gatherings, especially around Halloween!

When we got home we had a look online. The property is selling for 370 000 Euros's. A touch & a half above us, I am afraid. Dear Lottery Gods, it's in your hands now...


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