Sunday, 23 November 2014

Wouldn't You Like To Live In Welsch Riesling Lane?

One of our villages gets new street names.

When I first heard it I thought it was a tad bit silly. There are only about 300 odd souls in the village. By the way, our Gemeinde ( district ) is made up of 5 villages which I tend to think of as boroughs of a 1100 odd souls...but, don't forget that as small as our Gemeinde is, it is littered with the Who's Who of Vintners.

A few weeks ago I had to run an errand at the Gemeinde house and as I went back to my car a TV Reporter and his cameraman stopped me.

" Do you mind if we ask you a question? "
Jeezalou, quelle blamage...sans make-up and in my oldest yet comfy togs. Talk about a rabbit caught in a headlight! What could I say other then, eh okay?

The reporter stuck a furry huge microphone close to my face and out of the corner of my eye I noticed the cameraman swing his camera onto his shoulder. It looked like the boom boxes of our youth!

" Your village is getting new street names.
What kind of names would you suggest? "
As it isn't everyday I get set upon by TV crews, I only had two thoughts in my head.
Don't make a fool of yourself and did I maybe put mascara on today?

Luckily the Gemeinde house is opposite one of those Who's Who / Wine Glitterati and there was only one answer I could think of...

" You know, since we live in wine mecca, I would name the streets Blaufränkisch / Welsch Riesling or Grüner Veltliner."
the reporter agreed wholeheartedly and switched off his microphone and thanked me for taking the time.

For all I know, they might have cut my tiny little interview but it was a touch of excitement for sure and I didn't stutter or falter much.

Last week, I was at our village shop and the guy in front of me asked me when I had started to become famous and on TV? I had forgotten about this interview but when he reminded me of it, I asked him whether he had seen me on TV...

" No, but I was driving passed the Gemeinde house and saw you surrounded by a TV crew! I just assumed they were there for you.

Ah, living in a small village, I just love it!


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