Saturday, 15 November 2014

Not As Courageous As I Thought...

An afternoon's commute through the forest & vineyards.

By five o'clock each afternoon it is very dark already and feels more like the middle of the night. Time change and Winter's doing. Yesterday afternoon I went to a friend's house and knew that it would be dark when I would return home.

Bob was using the car and so I had walked there. It is just up ahead on the neighbouring Weinberg. Well, Bob said it only takes him 10 minutes to reach her house and so I took his word for it. Well....!

Like a good girl scout, I left the house prepared although with only those 10 minutes to spare. Just for walking at dusk, dawn or in between, I have a warning vest. A spare one from the car. Very effective as I light up like a Christmas tree when caught in headlights, but not so flattering.

Worn over a bulky winter jacket, it makes me look like a Michelin woman. But, when you are on the far far side of 30, comfort and safety trumps looks.

Getting to my friends house took me an extra 10 minutes and for the life of me I couldn't think how Bob could get there so fast! Of course when I asked him later, I got the answer:

" Eh, you know that big tree where the hunter's lookout is? At that tree turn left into the vineyard and go across it. You will come out directly behind her house."
...a bit late for that, Bob!

Anyway, when I was leaving my friend's house, she offered to take me home, but I told her that I was prepared and wanted to walk home. Not too far anyway. She knows that I walk everywhere so she accepted it. All well and good. That is until I stepped outside.

Goodness, it was dark. I couldn't even see my hand in front of me. About a hundred meters on, my sight did adjust to the darkness, but knowing that I would have to walk near and through the forest, was my undoing.

Wild pigs were sure to feed at that time and I would be an easy spotted supper treat while wearing my neon vest... Eh, no thank you indeed.

Now I know why having a cellphone with me was a good idea.

" Bob, please can you fetch me? "
Like the honey he is, he arrived soon enough and luckily with the aid of my yellow vest, he couldn't miss me...


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