Sunday, 30 November 2014

My Precious....Mein Schatz!

Lord of the Rings and the art of conversation.

Thank Goodness I had a hint from Bob earlier because for some reason, the Lord of the Rings epic has never grabbed me. At the moment there is a trilogy rerun of it on TV and Bob has been calling me precious ( in a strange voice ) more than usual...

We were sitting with my parents and friends of theirs ( and ours ) waiting for the choir to sing. The hall was packed with what seemed like the whole village and one could call yesterday's Deutsch Schützen Advent's Bazaar a successful Squeeze!

As small as our community is, it can show the rest of the world a thing or two...most of the money raised gets put back into the village school. More books, more computers and so forth. Fabulous.

Bob was quietly sitting and perusing the hall and people. Being more of an introvert he naturally is not the initiator of any conversation....German or English for that matter. Often people forget that and naturally assume that Bob doesn't understand or maybe just can't speak German. No, he just isn't a talker.

Well, do I have news for you! Johanna, our parent's friend was sitting next to Bob ( across the table from me ) and somehow they started to talk about The Lord of the Rings. She ( 60 + ) is as huge a fan as Bob is. In almost fluent German, they were lobbing movie and book story lines back and forth.

" Mein Schatz..."
"" My precious..."
were among them. It was tres amusing to see both of their expressions while discussing and re-enacting the movie.

For a whole 10 minutes they were totally absorbed in Tolkien and need I say, all in German. I was so proud of Bob. Of course his German still has rough edges but he held a conversation from start to finish.

It just goes to show, that one of the main ingredients of any conversation is a topic that interests both parties. Whatever the language. Lord of the Rings (3 Book Box set)


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