Monday, 1 December 2014

A Sunday Walk On The Wine Side.

Even with its Wintry hue, nature shines through.

It's only human to show our best side first. The pretty side as they say. Now that Winter is almost here some of the colours of nature have gone into hiding. The brightness has gone into hibernation but I think this time of the year holds an abundance of beauty.

As you can see, the forests are bare of their foliage. A kind of see through affair, one where you can see for miles. Yet, these few vines want to remind us of how stunning they are, whatever the time of year may be. Such a determined vibrance.
It was one of those perfect mornings yesterday. Misty, with scatters of raindrops but not too cold. The raindrops were sliding off the grapes. Amazing that these few bunches haven't been discovered by the birds.
I just love this photo. The grapes suspended over the steep slope of an Eisenberg vineyard. These grapes give us those delectable and oh so tasty bottles of wine.
We are very fortunate here because we do have warmer climes than other parts of Austria. The grass is still might almost say that our grass in greener!
What a stunning natural colour combination. This was on someone's lawn. A mushroom cluster. Eh, not the magical variety I hope?
Some red roses are clinging on. They are so thrilling in their redness, that walking passed them one can't help but stop and look. A crowd pleaser.


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