Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A Rerun Of Eisenberg's Blooms.

Cheeky, bold and oh so nice to behold!

Who says that flowers don't have a character? This trio of cosmos clearly want to be the center of attraction...and you know what, they are indeed.
As with anything, you also get the shady characters and these red poppies are taking a respite from the sunshine...
Oh how mysterious indeed. We can still see you, little cluster of scarlet.
The beauty and the beast?
Alone in the crowd.
The happy and cheerful wild flowers. They seem to blossom constantly and grow too. What a happy lot of blooms.
The poppy cheer leading squad. Come rain or shine, they are there.
The pink and purple cousins. Unbelievable that these were still bringing joy at the beginning of November.
Even laden with raindrops and mist, they are a pleasure to behold. Three cheers for the cosmos.