Friday, 26 December 2014

Lego: The Toy That Perhaps Combines Old School With New?

A great adventure for children and grown ups alike.

Through the family grapevine, which is even more accessible due to Skype, I had been hearing the term Lego rather often. Our nephew had put it on his wish-list. Not just any Lego, but the Star Wars variety.

Honestly, when I heard the word Lego, I automatically pictured the set I had as a child. Making a Star Wars figure out of it seemed impossible to me.

There should be a chart of winners and losers in the what you gave as a gift category. The main criteria and indicator is if it is played with or used after it is unwrapped. There is always the one. The one gift that beats all others. It doesn't matter whether it was expensive or not. Who hasn't witnessed a toddler getting more joy out of playing with the packaging than the toy itself?

Bob and I finally got to Skype with our family in South Africa yesterday evening. I know for a fact that the children had more than one present under the tree and I was amazed when I saw our nephew play with a Lego set. Hours after. The Winner...

Of course he melted Bob's heart when he thanked Bob repeatedly for the gift he'd received from Bob. Bob had re-gifted his treasured Star Wars book ( from the 80's ) to his nephew. During our conversation he must have said Thank You at least three times. Quite something when you consider that he is only eight years old...

But to get back to the Lego. He was so proud to show the Star Wars plane he had created with his Lego set. I have to be honest and say that I was speechless at what he had made. Great imagination and ideas and execution. By the way, it goes without saying that he is a huge Star Wars fan and even though he is only eight years old, he can recite some of the Star Wars Trilogy dialogue !

Synchronicity being what it is, this morning I saw a segment about Lego on Bloomberg Business TV. Today I learned a few things.

  • Lego is a Danish Company.
  • Lego is highly profitable.
  • Lego is even played with by Mr Beckham. Apparently he built London's Tower bridge from a Lego set!

Maybe Lego is that toy that eschews the constant sliding of your fingers over a computer screen. Bravo to Lego and, I might even try it myself sometime.