Thursday, 18 December 2014

If You Can't Be A Bookie, Why Not Become A Kindler?

A Christ-kindle perhaps?

There is nothing better than the smell of a new book. When you open the cover and get that first waft of the elusive scent of paper and the feeling of anticipation. Yes, anticipation because a book takes you on a journey to distant shores, emotions and often knowledge.

Take any bookie ( a self confessed lover of reading ) to a shopping center or town, and I can guarantee you that they will make a bee-line to a bookshop. Once over the threshold of a bookstore, we bookies straight away start performing our well versed routine...we merely glance at the front display table ( that's for novice bookies anyway ) and head to our shelf or isle of choice and suddenly minutes turn into hours...

Second hand books are rather groovy too. A Saturday morning trip to the flea market or Hospice shop is also a great way to stock up on the fuel that a bookie needs. Reading a dog eared book has a flair of its own. The second hand books smell is not to be quaffed at either. Don't forget, these books are so much more affordable.

Even before we moved to Burgenland, I was aware of the Kindle. I had only read about it once, but the association with Christkindel was there. Clever marketing indeed. The Kindle was a great idea but not really needed at the time. Well, that is until now.

Getting hold of English language books is not so easy for us. Of course we could order online but that is a bit dear. We have also discovered a bookstore selling English books in Szombathely but they are limited too.

As we are major bookies, our house is filled with books that we have shipped with us and some that family have brought us when they visited ( unlike a lot of other South Africans, we mostly eschew peanut butter, Marmite and biltong for books ) Three years into our adventure, we have re-read most books at least once. After the third time, you know the plot word for word!

The folks at Amazon are very clever. Creating the Kindle, they took it one step further. Did you know that through a Kindle device you can have access to most of the books they have on offer? No, not to buy ( of course you can if you want to ), but to join the Amazon - Kindle library. A monthly fee and off you go to your place of leisure to read your books.

The more I think about this, the more attractive this Kindle becomes. Real books are still #1 for me, but for us, joining a Kindle library might be the answer.

Click on this link to the Kindle Voyage, and you'll find a link to Kindle Unlimited ( the library option ) Kindle Voyage, 15,2 cm (6 Zoll) hochauflösendes Display (300 ppi) mit integriertem intelligenten Frontlicht, PagePress-Sensoren, WLAN

All of us know how important reading is. Reading helps your language skills, reading keeps you informed and reading helps you to relax and take precious time out of your hectic daily schedule.

The generation of teens now, are not very fond of reading. Physical books to them are associated with going to school. Reading for pleasure is anything but for them.

But as a society it is necessary for us to get this young generation to read. They are will be our future doctors, lawyers, politicians etc. Imagine if they have not had the pleasure and skill of reading books?

The Kindle is the vehicle of delivery that the young generation will take notice and make use of. Life for our young generation is stressful from the time they get up to when they go to sleep.

They are connected all the time. They don't even look up often any more. Texting and mobile surfing has taken over the world. Getting them interested in reading novels will give them the time out to relax and experience a life outside 140 characters..


There is also the Amazon Prime option: with a subscription to Amazon prime, you'll get free but limited library access. Maybe try their 30 free trial. Happy reading.