Thursday, 25 December 2014

The Day After Christmas To Some And Christmas Day To Others.

Our fourth Christmas in Eisenberg.

This year, our Christmas was rather low key but nice nonetheless. There are so many traditions
( no, not only the Christmas tree ) in our village which Bob and I are learning year by year.

The Eisenberg Youth Society organized another Glühwein stand, and this one was a finite one. In every sense of the word. The last one of the season and it also was over in time for everyone to go home and celebrate Christmas.

I happened to be driving back from Deutsch Schützen yesterday afternoon and the sunset that was unfolding, was too stunning. Actually, awe-some is a better term for it! Luckily the road was devoid of cars so that I could pull over and take a few photos.

The colours really were that vivid and intense. Almost a wink from above...

The plains are a perfect addition to this wonderful sunset.

The old chapel is barely visible. I just wish you could have seen the sunset in reality. It was so very divine and special.
Have a festive few days...