Thursday, 4 December 2014

Poor Choices Or Choices That Make Us Poor?

Advertising shouldn't be our yardstick for measuring our self worth.

Maybe the solution would be to get rid of our TVs. Even now we get immersed in an avalanche of things we supposedly can't live without. Tablets, Smartphones, video games & consoles and a barrage of ready made food.

I recently read an article about a ' poor ' family somewhere in America. Yes, they were earning money but not that much. Again, what they thought was hardly anything might be a fortune to someone else. Well, then they showed a short video of their house...

The garage was full of stuff. Old bicycles and paraphernalia that firstly cost a lot to buy and secondly could be sold to get a bit extra.

Their children ate processed cereal for breakfast ( even though they had health issues ). I don't know about you, but for us growing up, cereal of any kind ( except raw oats ) was not a staple. Maybe now and again, my Mum would buy Honey Pops. The point is, is that cereal is comparatively expensive if you are short of money.

The father delivered pizza to earn extra money and after a shift we see him bringing home several boxes of pizza for supper. Even if he got them at a lower price, what a waste. He could have made them himself at a fraction of the price. Healthier too, I may add.

What to me seemed like the cherry on the top of a bad decision tree, was the following: All through the video he kept on saying that often they had to borrow on their next paycheck to pay the electricity, food or medicine. Often there is just not enough money.

Well, he says that his son ( who seemed about 10 ) needed new basketball shoes and that Grandma sent a cheque for them. Good grief man, forget about basketball shoes and rather use that money to put food on the table. Your son will survive without new basketball shoes but not without food.

Try and eat for a month without buying or using ready made or packaged food. You will be amazed at how much money you can save. And before you pull your perceived trump card of being tired after work, just remember that a few generations ago there where no mod cons like washing machines, dishwashers or electric ovens...