Saturday, 27 December 2014

On The Contrary, The First Snowfall Is A Big Deal At Any Age!

Luckily it is still in December.

We've been having such warm weather recently, that when Bob told me this morning that there was a blanket of snow all over, I didn't at first believe him. Yet, I quickly raced to the window to have a look and wow, there was a blanket of fresh snow everywhere.

Since the start of this year's Winter season, most of us where rather blase about the lack of snow.

" Oh, isn't it nice to have such sunny weather. Who needs snow and all the shoveling of it? "
all well and good, but secretly we have all been hoping for snow.

Everything looks nicer, more wintry and how it should be. Before you ask, of course it is cold or make that freezing, ( and I can predict already that yours truly will be the one scraping the ice of the window of our car while Bob enjoys sitting in a warm and idling chariot ) but snow just holds such an abundance of emotions. Even though it is a few days late for Christmas, it more than makes up for it with its nice powdery offering...

A photo taken from the back bathroom. In a way the window frame provides a perfect setting for the snowed on plum tree outside.
I braved the elements in my P.J's and golly gosh it was freezing. Looking out our front door.
When I leaned out our bedroom window, I thought for a split second that I was on the Las Vegas Strip...but no, just our neighbour's Christmas lights mingled with the old street lights!

Morning in its infancy...

Only yesterday morning the skies were a vivid blue and the trees alive with colour. Yet, somehow the air was already laden with the oncoming snow. There is a special smell, crispness and temperature in the air a day before it starts to snow.
Yeah yeah, it's a snow day today...