Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Coupledom Of Driving Together.

Are we imprinted on the village?

As a newly minted ( well more like three years ) one car family, being seen together while driving the car is bound to happen. At least we are part of the in-crowd, the ahead of the pack crowd or as I like to think of us as...a little bit more environment friendly.

It's funny how we tend to remember certain childhood events. For me it was driving to a holiday cottage with my Grandparents. Sitting in the backseat gave me ample opportunity to learn certain behaviour..

" August, be careful! The traffic lights are about to change to red. "
" Frieda, I can see. Stop telling me how to drive. "
and of course my Grandmother added insult to injury and either air-braked or put out her hands for an imaginary emergency braking. My Grandfather drove so slowly in any case that bicycles could have easily passed us!

Well, fast forward to now, and every time Bob and I are enclosed in our chariot receiving a friendly nod, wave or flash, I can't help wondering whether they think:

" Oh look at them. Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee!

That's when I nonchalantly try to look more ' happening, cool or with it ' because if I didn't, Bob and I would be seen, eh, as that middle age couple driving in their car.

Bob I think has similar issues. In summer, he drives with the window open and the appropriate arm dangling out of it. Now that it is freezing outside, he restricts his coolness to bobbing his head along to his tunes...

At times I catch myself imitating my Grandmother. Just yesterday, I couldn't help myself and pointed out to my chauffeur the fact that the roads might be icy and that he should drive slower...

After three years driving in the car together, Bob has learned to not react apart from raising an eyebrow and giving of an annoyed sigh.

Sharing a car can cement a marriage in various ways....cement boots not excluded!