Friday, 12 December 2014

Just One Of The Reasons I Am A Georgette Heyer Fan!

A quaint form of English.

Oh, I am well aware that Bob is cringing with embarrassment, but why shouldn't I admit that I love Georgette Heyer's books. They are a breath of fresh air, have romance and a kind of romance that makes you think about the depicted couple even after you've finished the book. Yes, the books are chaste and often a kiss is the most graphic display of romance you'll see written.

But, it is those little nuances of a romance building that most of us crave. The stolen glances, a hand being held longer, a man protecting you and a romantic foundation being built on deeds rather than empty words.

Here are a few of my favourite exchanges ( these are from False Colours ) :

  • slumber...( snoring )
  • " When you get to my age, you won't care a rush for it. "
  • " Reading poetry to her? What a booberkin! I can tell you this, my boy: in my day we'd more rumgumption than to bore a pretty woman into a lethargy!"
  • " Stop! " he interrupted. " My poor girl, how could you allow yourself to be so taken-in? If you mean to accept me at my mother's valuation a shocking disappointment awaits you! She is the most dotingly fond parent imaginable, and can detect no fault in either of her sons."
  • ...a proper jaw-me-dead he is!...( talks a lot )
  • " I consider she has been much maligned. I will allow her to be disconcerting, but by no means the petrifying Gorgon I was led to expect. "
  • " The truth, Miss Staverly, without any flummery, is that the more I see of you the greater becomes my conviction that you are worthy of a better man than I am. "
    She wrinkled her brow.
    " Is that a civil way of telling me that you would like to cry off? "
    "No. It is a way of telling you that you are a darling, "
    he said, lifting her hand, and lightly kissing it....(swoon)

Reading Georgette Heyer all the time is not the thing either, but to dip into her novels now and again is akin to being wrapped up in cotton wool and having all your cares disappear.

When you do, start with this one. It is too precious and very readable. Adventure & Romance in one.